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A Typical Day


The routine in each room varies according to the age group. However some aspects of the day are similar. Each room has primary contact educators to ensure continuity of care. This enables children to feel safe and secure with familiar carers who attend to their needs daily.


Depending on the age group routines vary, however generally mornings consist of free play time where the children make the choice about what they would prefer to engage in. This develops decision making skills that all children benefit from. The activities are placed on open shelving for easy selection.


Free play time allows children to develop and practice skills in all developmental areas. Activities are implemented indoors and outdoors depending on the season. The resources are also age appropriate.


Group times are special times where the children focus on a book, drama, music, dance or other mediums. This is a time when the carer encourages children to join in, thus developing self esteem, patience, turn taking, attention span and the ability to be part of a group. Group times are usually carried out in the morning before lunch to gather the children together. It is also the best time for learning.


Please see the relevant page detailing the Typical Day depending on the age group of your Child.


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