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Focused around respect, inclusion & acceptance


Our qualified and experienced educators are well-situated to observe and assess students for developmental progress as well as for potential challenges. Should such challenges appear families can expect that staff will present themselves as willing support ‘team members' to their child’s benefit. We pride ourselves on providing an accepting and inclusive environment for children of all abilities and have long maintained close working relationships with the community agencies which support children and their families.Suitable qualified Educators are employed in all age groups and the child Educators ratios are adhered to according to our legal requirements. All Educators will have their Senior First Aid Certificates, Working with Children Checks completed and attend monthly Educators meetings. Our Educators are regularly involved and encouraged to attend further development and training.We aim for our Service to be unique in that all our Educators will have had training and experience in the child care profession. For further details on the qualifications of the Educators, please see our Nominated Supervisor.



What can you expect from Educators?


Educators will make efforts to communicate effectively with families.

  • Educators will inform families promptly and sensitively of any out of the ordinary incidents affecting their child.

  • Educators will share with children's families some of the specific interactions they had with the children during the day.

  • Information on children's eating and sleeping patterns at the Service will be provided to families through verbal communication and through the room sign in sheet.

  • When families and Educators make a joint decision that affect children's progress, interest and experience, a record will be kept in the appropriate form. (These may include new events like toilet training.)

  • Focused around respect, inclusion and acceptance, safety, health and well-being.

Please feel free at any time in person, by phone or email to discuss your child's progress, relationship, interest and experiences.






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