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Health & Illness

Promoting a positive, healthy environment


We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children in our care at all times. Health and safety is a fundamental factor, if children are safe, healthy and happy in their environment they can reach their full potential. We have a duty to safeguard and promote the health and welfare of the children in our care. This commitment is reflected in our policies for Child Sun Protection and Medicine and Illnesses.


Please see attached our Medication Form which is required to be filled in if your child is taking any Medication.





NO CHILD will be admitted with obvious signs of any highly contagious infection or illness including but not limited to, yellow and green noses. Our policy states the incubation period, symptoms and exclusion periods of such diseases. Children who are not immunised will be required to be exempt from the Service.


Alternative care should be found for children who have been vomiting, had diarrhoea, continuous coughing or yellow/green discharge from the nose or mouth.  Whilst we realise this can be difficult, sick children make other children sick.  All staff follow strict guidelines to maintain a high standard of hygiene at the centre and are regularly trained and reminded of these policies and procedures.  Their illness is likely to spread and infect other children and our staff. 


When a child has symptoms of an illness, the teacher will alert the Director or licensee who will determine if a parent needs to be contacted. If necessary, the teacher will separate the child from the other children and calm and comfort the sick child.  Parents or emergency contact person will be called to collect the child.  If the parent or emergency person is not contactable, a decision will be made as to what/if medical attention is needed.  Should a parent refuse or delay picking up their sick child, an ambulance WILL be called.




There are varying isolation and exclusion periods for such illnesses as Chicken Pox, German Measles, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, Head Lice.  Upon noticing any unusual symptoms appearing on a child, for example, rashes, bumps, excretions etc.,  the staff member should ask the Authorised Supervisor for their opinion.  Should she decide that there is reason for concern, the child must be excluded from the rest of the children as far as practical.  For example a child with head lice may be taken to a corner of the playground for some "special" activities until the parent/guardian can be contacted for collection.  The child must be comforted and not made to feel uncomfortable about his/her condition.  The staff member or Authorised Supervisor may wish to offer any available information to the parent to help them treat their child's condition.  Refer to infectious disease exclusions as to when the child may return to kindy.   Unimmunised children may be excluded from the centre when there is an outbreak of immunisable preventable diseases.  All such cases will be notified to the NSW Health Department.  Fees remain payable in full during a child's absence.  A doctor's certificate must be produced before the child is allowed to return to the centre after such illnesses, but the Director has total discretion as to whether or not the child may return even with a Doctors Certificate.


Infectious Complaints


The Service provides a healthy and safe environment for children, Educators and families to grow and develop in – as such the Service has a health and safety and hygiene policy regarding illnesses and medications. Children with contagious illnesses are required to be kept at home and a doctor's certificate must be presented to show that the infection cannot be passed when the child returns to the Service. 


Guidelines from the Department of Health do not allow children suffering from certain complaints, attend our centre.  If an illness is considered to be a contagious condition, the child will be isolated from the other children until collected from our centre.  Exclusion rules are as follows as set down by The Health Department:











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